What Is Ducks Fan Report?

Ducks Fan Report is a blog site I created so I would have a place to vent my feelings about the Anaheim Ducks. I have wanted to create a site like this for a while now as I always feel like I need to let out some emotions after Ducks games (especially when they lose 8-1 against the Sharks in the playoffs). I know most people use social media sites to do this but I think all of my friends are starting to get annoyed with all my Anaheim Ducks posts…

This idea is inspired by Steve Dangle and his LFR videos or “leaf fan reaction”. I add this because I want to give him credit for being one of the trailblazers of angry hockey fans venting their feelings. Go check out his youtube channel at: Steve Dangle Youtube

With this site I want to just have a place where I can talk to anyone who will listen about the team I love. If no one ever reads this that is fine but I do hope some people might stumble upon this site and find some of the content entertaining. I also would love to interact with other Ducks fans so please comment and interact with the posts and I’d be happy to chat!


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