I don’t think anyone saw this coming. I’d bet even Sharks fans didn’t say at the start of this series that we are going to sweep the Ducks. I can’t believe it, that’s for sure. Of course I had the Ducks winning the series, a lot of people did. But even in my worst-case scenario we never got swept. Embarrassing, heart breaking, infuriating.

Just to put it in here, Ducks lose, 2-1, to the Sharks in Game 4 and get swept in the series. Maybe it will help the healing process to write it down?

Ducks start out scared. Not attacking and just sitting back because they are afraid of giving up more odd man rushes. They have zero shots on goal through the first 10 minutes. Gibson has to come up huge with some big stops, especially the Couture breakaway. Then a D-zone breakdown leaves Sorensen (ew) all alone in front and he puts in his own rebound, 1-0 Sharks.

This wakes up the Ducks though. Ducks come back push hard and get all sorts of chances to end the first but nothing gets past Jones.

Second period starts and the Ducks are right back at it with all of the pressure in the Shark’s zone. Everyone is getting chances on net but Jones is strong to all of them. Perry must have been stopped by the leg pad 5 times this game. The Ducks are cycling well and even drawing some calls (what?!). Still 1-0 with time winding down in the second, the Ducks win a battle on the boards and send it out in front where Getzlaf puts it in!!!!!!!! .2 seconds late…. Still 1-0, end of two.

Third period starts and I am feeling it. I feel it in my bones we are going to come back in this one. While still on the power play Ducks drive it up ice, Rakell gets the pass and rockets one through Jones! 1-1 and I am pumped. I give my Fiancee a very firm high-five and watch the replay and see something isn’t right. “Please don’t challenge this for off sides” I said to the Hockey Gods. Didn’t work, Sharks challenge, off sides, still 1-0.

Thankfully this didn’t discourage the boys and they kept with their game plan and with Cogliano in front he bangs one home and this one will count! Tie game half way through the third!!! That is until 1 minute and 16 seconds later. Getzlaf TWICE can’t clear the puck and ends up on a Shark’s stick, point shot, deflection, score. Hertl, 2-1 Sharks.

And that would pretty much seal this one up. Ducks had a couple more chances but then with Gibson pulled can’t get anywhere near the net and it’s all over but the handshakes.

I didn’t see the handshake line. I needed some alone time so I went into my garage to decompress a bit. It didn’t help. So I went into my usual post losing the series ritual where I take shots. I hate shots, like a lot, but sometimes it’s nice. Like after you get swept in the playoffs by a rival team.

This game the Ducks fought hard and deserved a better fate. They were clearly the better team but sometimes in hockey the better team doesn’t win. As for the series, you can’t expect to succeed when you don’t come to play for 3 of the 4 games. The Sharks deserved to win this series, but the Ducks deserved to not get swept.


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