Anaheim Ducks 3rd Jersey

On July 21st 2018, the Anaheim Ducks revealed their newest third jersey that will be worn 15 times during their 25th anniversary season. It has been a couple weeks since we got a glimpse of this warlock so I am assuming everyone has seen it already but in case you haven’t, here is the release video from the Anaheim Ducks Twitter account.

And here is a picture of original Duck goalie Guy Hebert wearing it.

Annnnndddddd here it is as a full uniform.

The point of this blog is not to inform you that the jersey exists. You already know it exists. It is for me to explain why I like it and why people angry about it need to calm down. So here we go!

This jersey did exactly what most people wanted. It brought back the original masked Mighty Ducks logo and color scheme (kind of) that they wore from 1993 to 2006. They were even able to integrate some of their current colors into this jersey, which is my favorite part about it. They brought over black as the main jersey color and changed the logo colors to feature orange sticks and a silver backing to incorporate the “silver” 25th season and the current orange Anaheim Ducks color. The webbed “D” shoulder patches are the final aspect of this throwback jersey that really tie it up in a nice little bow. The old mixed with the new. I love it.

Now fans wanted a throwback jersey with the old colors and logo to be worn during this 25th season and the Ducks gave us that. So why are some fans upset?

The short answer is, because you can’t please everyone. The longer answer is because they don’t understand the point of a third jersey, which is to make the team money. Sure, the Ducks could have just rolled out a couple throwback nights where they wore the exact same eggplant and jade jersey Charlie Conway wore leading his team out of the tunnel to start the 3rd period against Iceland in D2 and people would have been all for it. But when you consider that probably around 70% (an arbitrary number I just made up) of Ducks fans already own the Mighty Ducks jersey, how are you going to make money off of something people already have? Sure, some people would buy a new one with their favorite player on the back but not as many as if you create a fresh, brand new, design. This is evident by the pre-order sales of this new jersey. When this third went on sale it crashed the team store website and sold out on incredibly quick. Sales are showing that this jersey is a winner and the fans, as they should be, are excited!

Personally, while I love the 90’s Mighty Ducks jersey, but I love the 2017 black and orange Anaheim Ducks jersey more. Subtly adding some new to the old is a great idea in my opinion and I am here for it. The Ducks gave us the best of both worlds with this jersey. Old, nostalgic, fans are getting their beloved Mighty Ducks logo and colors back all while the team can continue to use some more up to date and current jersey aspects of the Anaheim Ducks.

Did you order one? Are you waiting for the season? Are you getting a player on the back? Do you hate it? Let me know in the comments below!


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