DFR Recap Ducks vs. Flyers (Game 13)

DFR Recap Game 13 Ducks vs. Flyers Score: 2-3 10/30/18 This isn’t so much a recap of one game as it is an angry rant about the past 6. WHAT THE HELL is going on with this team. I know they have injuries and are “trying” to learn a new up-tempo style in play and... Continue Reading →

DFR Recap: Ducks vs. Red Wings – Game 3 (18-19 Home Opener)

Boy did it feel good to be mighty again. The Ducks started their home schedule in style by throwing it back to the 1990’s all night for the 2018-2019 home opener. The night was filled with eggplant and jade jerseys, Mighty Ducks’ merchandise, throwback videos, 90’s music, original Mighty Ducks’ players and Wild Wing repelling from the rafters

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