DFR Recap Ducks vs. Flyers (Game 13)

DFR Recap Game 13
Ducks vs. Flyers
Score: 2-3

This isn’t so much a recap of one game as it is an angry rant about the past 6. WHAT THE HELL is going on with this team. I know they have injuries and are “trying” to learn a new up-tempo style in play and they have a billion rookies playing for the team but still, what the hell?

Over this 6-game losing streak the ducks have been out shot 254 to 151. THAT IS MINUS 103 IN 6 FREAKING GAMES. That cannot happen. I don’t care how many rookies are playing and how many injuries they have. You cannot get out shot this badly for this many games in a row.

Last night’s game against the Flyers was really my breaking point during this 6 game losing streak. I watched this team play its best game in almost 2 weeks. I watched them score the game tying goal with 2 minutes left. I watched them subsequently give up the game winning goal 21 seconds later and honestly, I wasn’t even surprised. Sure, I was upset that they battled back hard and then blew it immediately. But upon walking out of Honda Center I didn’t find myself with the usual anger I do when my hockey team does something like this. I was just laughing. Like this is what I have come to expect from this team.

Now I know we are only 13 games into the season and thanks to Gibson/Miller we are only 3 points out of the lead for the division so the season is not lost. Not even a little bit. There is still loads of time to turn this around so instead of getting negative, let’s look at what needs to happen to get this team back on track.

The Return Of The Vets

We need to get healthy. We need Eaves, Kase, Comtois, Ritchie and the others who are a little banged up to come back and help solidify this roster. That is obvious. But what I really mean is we need our healthy veterans to step up and play like we know they can. I need Getzlaf to play quicker and with more urgency. I need Rakell and Henrique to start putting the puck in the net. I need Cogs and Kesler to be a dominant fore-checking force and actually create some offense. It’s funny. I have seen all of these players individually have great games over this losing streak, so if they can all get on the same page at the same time I think we just might get out of this.

Freaking Battle!

Where is the battle? Where is the fight? This team is supposed to feisty and aggressive and we have not seen that at all this season. All I’ve seen is our defense letting the opposing team skate past them right in to our goal tenders and get a bunch of whacks at the rebounds. This cannot happen. Our defense needs to be strong and move bodies out of the way and actually clear loose pucks. The same can be said for the offense. We need bodies in front of the goalie. Look at the game tying goal last night, Åberg parks his ass in front of Elliot and we score. Keep doing that!


Last, but certainly not least, the Ducks and us fans just need to breathe. As I said earlier, we are only 13 games (16%) through the season with arguably the most injured roster in the league. There is time. This team will get healthy, they will turn this around and they will be the competitive playoff team we all know they can be.

And that is all I have. I am by nature a very positive person so I tried to make this blog about positivity and helping the team instead. I understand this isn’t how everyone is, so if you need a place to vent your feelings, feel free to blow up the comments on this on hit me up on twitter @DucksFanReport.



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