DFR Recap: Ducks vs. Red Wings – Game 3 (18-19 Home Opener)

Game 3
Ducks vs. Red Wings
Score: 3-2 (SO)

Boy did it feel good to be mighty again. The Ducks started their home schedule in style by throwing it back to the 1990’s all night for the 2018-2019 home opener. The night was filled with eggplant and jade jerseys, Mighty Ducks’ merchandise, throwback videos, 90’s music, original Mighty Ducks’ players, Wild Wing repelling from the rafters and even the opponents were the same as they were 25 years ago for the first game ever at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim back in 1993. It truly felt like we went back in time 25 years and it was epic!

Alas, once the sweet smell of 90’s nostalgia wore off there was still a hockey game to be played and boy what a game it was… So, let’s talk about who looked good, who looked bad and maybe a bit more about the night as a whole.

Lookin’ Good:

John Gibson:

He didn’t have to make as many big saves as in the past two games but he was once again very strong in net for the Ducks and stopped a couple of tough shots and even a few breakaways to keep the Red Wings to only 2 goals. Gibson also stopped all 3 shootout attempts against him securing the Ducks the 3-2 victory. I remember a while ago Randy Carlyle saying something along the lines of, “if your goalie can keep it to 2 goals per game, you’re going to win a lot of games”. I’m paraphrasing of course but that statement sure was true tonight.

Troy Terry:

He didn’t end up on the score sheet but I don’t think there was a more dangerous Duck on the ice last night. He had a couple of grade-A opportunities that Jimmy Howard had to be very strong to stop. If Terry can keep this up then I think his first NHL goal will come very soon.

Hampus Lindholm:

This once could really be for: Hampus, Cam, Manson and Montour because they all played well but I’ll keep it to just Hampus. Lindholm was strong defensively per usual and was super dangerous in the offensive zone. His play led to numerous chances and obviously a goal that he perfectly sniped top corner to beat Howard. Right before he scored his goal he partially whiffed on a one timer from the point and I looked to my wife and started talking crap about his point shots and before I could finish my sentence he puts in the goal. Teaches me to talk crap on Hampers.

Not So Good:

I will just discuss the whole team here because everyone had some issues but no one looked glaringly bad to me at least. This team still looks out of sync. They are turning the puck over a ton, not connecting on their passes and are definitely not taking enough shots on goal. This sloppy play is creating a lot of breakaways and good scoring chances for the opponents that thankfully Gibson has been there to stop. Obviously, we are only 3 games into the season with 6 rookies on the team so I’m not going to panic quite yet but I hope they can figure it all out sooner rather than later because if we continue to play this way, I don’t think we will stay undefeated for long.

Quick Notes on The Red Wings:

  • Jimmy Howard looked very good. Made some great saves to keep his team in it.
  • Larkin missed a couple of easy scoring chances that probably would have put the game away including one in OT.
  • That goal by Bertuzzi was pretty sick. I hated it. But it was sick.



  • The new 3rd’s look sick as a full uniform set and anyone that doesn’t agree can go kick rocks.
  • The team store had some of the coolest 90’s throwback merch I’ve seen. I wanted to buy all of it but had to control myself. I mean, come on, check out these tall boy koozies! If you weren’t there last night I would highly recommend heading down there soon to check it out.

    New Mighty Ducks Koozies From The Team Store
    New Mighty Ducks Koozies From The Team Store
  • There was a #RallyTeemu sighting in the second period. So that’s always fun!
  • I’m sad to say The Iceman did not make an appearance last night, but Michael Eisner did. So that’s something.
  • Some dude screamed “Bernier Sucks” during the national anthem and I got very, very angry. First of all, no one cares about your opinions on Bernier, second, during the national anthem is not the time to do it. If you need to voice your 2-year-old frustrations like that then go start a blog like I did.

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